Free Things To Do In Dallas, Texas

March 20, 2019 @ 4:26 pm

For nearly a decade, Frankie was the frontman for the popular greaser, punk band, Spector 45. This band was voted Best Punk Act in the Dallas Observer Music Awards in both 2009 and 2010. Spector 45 headlined The Bone’s New Year’s Eve celebration. No one would have dreamed that this would be this talented young man’s last performance.

Mike slides around the designated shooting area; in the shade of his space he aims his SLR with ease carefully firing the release button – popping one frame after the next at beauty, sometimes stopping to look at the digital image appearing on the back of the camera – he’s happy with the outcome.

Development in Dallas has been dismal over the last decades and we need only to look at popular entertainment districts to confirm this. Places where pedestrian traffic is welcomed and encouraged with huge 12 ft sidewalks and easy access from the street. The first areas that come to my mind are Lower Greenville, traveling man, The West End and the Bishop Art District. I am starting to see a pattern here, all were developed at least 75 years ago and are known as “Historic Districts!” Hmmm? Where did we go wrong, the big boxes sure, the massive parking lots, yep. But the reason these were allowed is we have city government holding the hands of big developers allowing them mow down huge tracts of land.

If you have friends that are on one of the parade floats, don’t assume you can just ride out and join them. The organizers have this down to a fine art and they do not condone anyone joining the parade for a multitude of safety reasons.

Downtown Dallas, is a second tremendously desired location for Dallas lofts. This region is held in high regards by its citizens. The Winspear Opera House, Dallas Chop House, and the main street Garden are some of the most famous areas in Downtown Dallas. One of the most distinctive Dallas lofts is the Davis Building. It’s an old bank which was later converted into the lofts of today. It is located on Main Street inside the downtown area and includes some amazing features including Terrazzo floors, outstanding skyline sights, and large oval bathtubs.

If you carry a wallet, consider investing in a money clip. Transfer any credit cards you may need, your I.D., and some small bills to a money clip and keep them in your front pocket. Money clips are often less discernible than a wallet. Plus, only taking what you need minimizes your chance at losing everything should you be robbed.

We have a nice, icy cold beer and some lunch. By now the crowd at the Spoke is growing even bigger. Bikes are now parking across the street to get into the Spoke. We look at the time of day (remember I started in Central Vermont at 10:30 am) and it well past 2:00 in the afternoon. My “brother” and I like to ride relaxed and under no pressure. This is the most relaxing and gratifying way for us to ride. We decide to start back without ever actually entering the Laconia, Weirs Beach area!