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December 21, 2016 @ 4:06 pm

Cancer Cures Available

Cancer is if not the most then one of the most deadly disease there is, it can claim a life unexpectedly that is why knowing the counter measures and treatment to this deadly sickness because it is not easy, cancer is not a thing to take lightly even though there are so many cures and treatments. If you act quickly a person will survive from cancer, the intensity of cancer lies in its longevity in being diagnosed, if a person acts quickly enough. He or she will surely survive due to the cure and treatment. There are a lot of methods in which cancer can be cured.


The common treatment is chemotherapy wherein a person is given a special kind of drug that can kill cancerous cells in the process. Chemotherapy will attack the DNA inside the tumor cell that is harboring the cancerous cell and because of that the result is that the cancerous cell will die eventually. But the drug is administered in a certain intensity and moment so that they can get the maximum kill that needs to be done. The cells will not die tight after, it requires a number of sessions to be done so that the cells will die in numbers. The drugs in chemotherapy are usually administered though injection but there are also cases that they are in cream form or taking in pills. Chemotherapy is used in treating a cancer patient after the surgery but there are also times that the patient will be given this treatment when the cancer is already in its advance stages. This treatment is rather effective but the side effects also play a role in this so you have to consider them before proceeding with the treatment. The side effects are visible but they are not important if you want to survive, chemotherapy will help you get through cancer.
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A biologic therapy
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This type of treatment uses the immune system, as people know, the immune system is in charge of attacking and killing any foreign cell that proves dangerous for the body. The counter measures inside a human body called the immune system will gradually grow stronger as people take in the same disease and the immune system has already evolved pass that. Cancerous cells are way stronger than normal diseases that is why the immune system will have a hard time coping up that is why the biologic therapy will enhance the immune system in a way it can battle these cancerous cells. This method in treating is also known as biological modifiers, it modifies the immune system in order for the anti-bodies to defeat the enemy. Although they are using natural substances, too much of a good thing is a bad thing that is why there are some minor side effects but overall results will prove it to be helpful that is why you have to consider everything before proceeding with the treatment, balance out the negative and the positive for a result that you will not regret.