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September 23, 2016 @ 8:16 am

What Not to Do When Buying Used Office Furniture

If you own and manage an office, you know that once that clock strikes 5, your workers will be up and out of your space before you can even get a single word out. This quiet, uninhabited feel will go on throughout the night and will persist until the first worker walks in to greet the start of a new work day. Because the office furniture that’s used in work spaces aren’t really subjected to rigorous wear and tear, office managers and business owners don’t really see the purpose of buying brand new. That’s why buying secondhand furniture has become a common practice among office managers and bosses seeking to save an extra dollar.

But be careful when buying used office furniture as not all of these are the best for your business. Maximize your budget and get your office space fully furnished at an affordable price by reading through these common used office furniture buying mistakes.

1. Choosing Form over Function – Any business owner will want to have a good looking office space, but if you bought your used office furniture based solely on appearance, then you’ve probably just incurred a loss. For office spaces that aren’t seen or visited by consumers, it would be wise to choose furniture that highlight comfort instead of form. Comfortable used office furniture will be much more pleasant to use, especially for tired workers, and will reduce the chance of having them feel uninspired and poorly motivated while at work.
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2. Forgetting the Measurements – The best way to make the most of the rent you pay for your office space is to fit as many employees in one space as you can without sacrificing their comfort. Having extra provisions for more work desks in your space will allow you to hire more employees for expansion without the need to find them a new office or room. But if you buy used office furniture without first measuring the area of your space and the size of the furniture themselves, it can be hard for you to maximize your office. The last thing you want is to fill your space with different pieces of furniture that end up cluttering your office and limiting the number of employees that can work in a given room.
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3. Not Trying Furniture Prior to Purchasing – Although second hand office furniture will often be in good shape, there will always be some options that are less than ideal. Be sure to try out second hand furniture before you buy it and inspect it for any damages and aspects that might need repair. You wouldn’t want your workers to sustain expensive injuries that you’d have to pay for with your employer’s insurance.