Case Study: My Experience With Reviews

September 25, 2016 @ 12:58 pm

The HOTH SEO Reviews

TheHoth is a backlink service that creates free web properties, then adds links to connect them to your website or websites. What follows, using a tiered approach, is the sending of high powered blog network links, bookmarks and social links, to such properties.

It is the most natural-looking and generally the best way to artificially add links to your site. It will probably take about one month for theHoth to prepare the whole package, and some 2-6 weeks to see the links becoming effective.

How It Becomes Effective

A number of articles would be required to fully explain how everything works, but below are the basics:


Google has been asserting that relevance is now the new PR. In other words, whenever websites, blogs and forums link to you, they must first be relevant before they affect your SEO positively. That is why spamming your site with links from all over the Internet is not going to work. When you have 10 to 20 relevant, high-quality links, your site benefits more from them than a thousand irrelevant links. With theHoth, you get relevant web 2.0 properties with good content; login details will be provided to you, in case you have to change the links in the future; and even more relevant links will be built to the said properties. This type of tiered link building is effective, with each layer of links getting its own share of relevant backlinks. This means that while you may only get a few links pointing to your site, they will be powerful.


As only the top tier will be pointing to your site, it is likely to end up with a top-quality backlink profile. Picture your site going from 0 to 50 links in daily. How strange would that come across to Google? Isn’t it better to build above 5 links from month to month, and have those links dripped slowly but surely with their own links?


With natural linking, your links will definitely look spontaneous. If you publish an interesting article that your friends and their friends like enough to link to it, share it or bookmark it, Google will be so impressed and start thinking that your content must be a real gem.


There’s no need for award-winning articles – if they’re well written and unique, they will do. This is exactly the kind of content that you should be getting links from.


Links do not make an entire SEO campaign on their own, but experts have seen that they are crucial to search engines’ algorithms. Through links, engines don’t only examine the popularity of websites and pages depending on how many popular pages or websites are linking to them, but also on metrics such as spam, authority and trust. This is the central framework of how theHOTH, with its unique service features, leaves a a positive impact on your business.