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September 23, 2016 @ 8:18 am

An Introduction to Your First Barre Class

If you have recently made the decision to invest your time into taking a barre workout class, it is important that you understand this class is designed to push your limits beyond their typical limitations. The primary reason so many people make the decision to start taking barre workout classes is because they are dynamic and are a combination of pilates, yoga and ballet. Most barre instructors state that the class is predominantly based on moves that derive from ballet, but transition into yoga and ballet. The origins of barre derive from a professional ballet dancer who integrated her ballet performance moves into the original workout routines. What you now see in barre workouts today is an evolution of iterations that have been added throughout the years.

Please note, the free weights you will notice in the barre standard format routine, is a tiny part of the overall workout. Barre is compelling to most people because you utilize the weight of your own body to achieve the long lean muscles you desires. Your barre workout will be designed to target all muscle groups in your body through the use of small, medium and large range muscles. You will ultimately help to improve the strength and health of all your bones by targeting the various muscle groups in your body.

You will strengthen your body in areas you did not imagine were possible when you use it as a weight. Many end up falling in love with barre workouts because it allows them the freedom to use their body weight as a transportable weight, which means they can do this workout wherever they are, providing them zero limitations regarding their ability to get fit! Prior to signing up for your first barre workout, we recommend understanding what to expect before starting.
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We recommend that you ensure you get to your class early, and intro yourself to the barre instructor. This will help you to understand the setup, and can help you better understand the flow of the class. Take time to familiarize yourself with the equipment once you are there. Make sure you set yourself up before you begin the class, and you have a clear understanding of its format from the instructor. Everyone should try barre workouts at least once in his or her lifetime, as it is a great way to get in shape!A Simple Plan For Researching Resources